Samarukiís take on H3

Well this was the third Halloween Run for some but this was my first one ever and it was a total blast for me! It was cold Friday when most of us showed up and only got colder as the day turned into night. It was even cold standing in front of the fire so as most of you know I ended up going to bed around 8:00 p.m. I slept pretty well, but somewhere in the night was the sound of a truck running? Somebody must have been real, real cold!

Saturday morning was cold but the wind had calmed down so it wasnít quit as bad. After breakfast everybody lined up to go on the trail rides. I lined up behind Scott and the others that lined up were all TSJ members except one guy (sorry I never got a name)[Editor's note: Craig] who was in the Red Renegade with the big factory flared fenders.

Well at the first hill I already had trouble. Scott made it up and my Zuk went everywhere except up the hill. Scott pulled me up and then Farmer couldnít make it so I finally got to pull a jeep up a hill. Wilson was in his red Zuk and took a different route up to the top and made it. Jason tried to take the bucket up Wilsonís route and ended up winching. Later on Chrisís front passenger side wheel quit pulling so he had to use a lot of the skinny pedal. But I think that is normal for him to do that. The guy with the red Renegade took a wild ride when he ran his front tire up a tree while climbing up a hill. He did a pretty wheel stand but later his front end quit pulling. The rest of the ride was awesome as usual and we were ready for the fire and some hot food.

We were ready for the RTI competition Saturday evening and everybody knows who won. Both first and second had ľ elliptical set-ups in the rear. They looked very cool going up the ramp but I heard a rumor that they both flipped over Sunday. I forgot who got third but my little Zuk got forth and I was amazed. After that most filtered to the fire or there camping spots but some of us stayed around the ramp and watched some of the Bonnie Riders try out the ramp. Even the Kia tried it so everybody was having a good time. After a little talking and warming up around the fire I called it as night and headed for the sleeping bag.

Sunday I think I was the first one up and I got the fire going and started making coffee. Everyone else started waking up and heading for the fire shortly there after. I couldnít wait for the raffle and then remembered that we had to set the clocks back so everybody had to wait another hour for the drawing to begin. I think most of the TSJ group won something. After that we were ready for Sundayís trail rides and started lining up again. Everybody kept to their same groups as Saturday so we were running with just our own members, because the guy with the red Renegade left Saturday night after he worked a few hours on his jeep and couldnít figure out what was wrong. We hit the rocks first and I bent my tie rod but not bad enough to stop and fix it. Later on Farmer broke his tie rod and Chris took him back to the lake so he could go find another tie rod. Chris caught back up to us and we finished the trail with no problems. Most of us were ready to head back and start packing for the trip home.

I donít know about you guys but I had a real good time and I am looking forward to H4 next year.

See ya on the trail

SAMARUKI (aka Brian Rickard)