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Tri-State and Indy Jeepers Club Run

Tri-State Jeepers invited the Indy Jeepers to stop by on their way back from their week long southern tour. They had stopped by LBL the first weekend in June and then headed to Tellico from June 4th to June 8th. After a few minor complications, the four Jeepers that had gone to Tellico arrived at our camp around 9pm on the 8th. Three other Indy Jeepers had arrived earlier in the day, one coming as far away as Chicago! After a minor repair to one of the Jeeps, and breakfast, we were off to hit the trails. Those attending from the Indy Jeepers were: Rich Remaks, David Cage, Ken Rustin, Kevin Marquis, Eric Barnett with son Phillip, Scott Plebanski and Jenny Ma, and David Patterson. TSJ members in attendance were: Scott McKannan, Scot Hornby, Tim Fleming, Jody Gaddis, David Gaddis, Jason Gilles, and Larry Logestan. To find out more about Indy Jeepers, and to see pictures and reports from their trip, go to

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We even had a surprise visit by one of our friends, and potential club member, in his completely frame off rebuilt 1977 Ford Bronco. Brian Williams brought out the Bronco for the first time Saturday evening. This was the Bronco's first time in the woods since the rebuild, and Brain's first time driving off-road. Both did just fine, and before the run was over Brian and the Bronco was leading the pack through the woods. Way to go Brian! The Bronco looks sweet!!!!!

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By Sunday morning, most of the Indy Jeepers had headed home. Some because of long trips home and some because it had already been a week since they were last there and were ready to go. So Sunday was down to Scott, Tim, Jody, Dave Gaddis, Dave Novak and Dave Cage (Indy Jeepers). We headed for the "new Trail". Not far into the trail, we noticed fresh swamper and bogger tracks. It didn't take us long to figure out who it was, and shortly after we found them, Hoosier Cruisers. They had also been out both Saturday and Sunday. By Sunday, they were down to only four vehicles. We finished out the trail with their group. Todd Harker put on a nice show coming up one of the valleys, putting the side of his Cruiser against the dirt three different times.

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